Where and How do your store your Stockpile? Lesson to share!

These photos are of some of ABCouponers extra stock pile, stored in our own basement. Took us months of  intense couponing, in and around Calgary, Airdrie, and stacking trips to many Calgary and BC London Drugs, and Save on Foods in Red Deer.

2013-06-17 005Stock pile 2013-06-17 007

Add smaller cross shelves in areas like this that are not easily accessible, but great to hold all those extra bits of stock. Our toilet paper is high up, 2 rows deep!! I also always have approx 3 large bags of toilet paper lining the bottom of the bathroom under sink cabinet, the Charmin ones wrapped in 4 roll sets. They are great for stacking  under the cabinet!!

2013-06-17 010

Storage areas under stairs are also great for stock. Add shelving to keep food off the floor!

2013-06-17 014 2013-06-17 013

Most of our extra laundry supplies are kept right above the washer and dryer on a very deep,  strong and sturdy shelf!!

2013-06-17 016 2013-06-17 0172013-06-17 001 2013-06-17 015 2013-06-17 021

We have many Rolling cabinets with drawers,  good places to keep all the little stuff like shaving supplies, travel size toiletries, smellies, medications, candles, or to safely store breakables like light bulbs!!  Easy to move them around as well. Banker boxes hold lots of bottles of shampoos and conditioners, and body wash! Even small spaces behind  ironing board are used for long term storage of Multibionta vitamins, expiry up to 2015!!

2013-06-17 033

2 years worth of Finish & Sunlight Dishwasher tabs are repacked and stored in a watertight bucket, underneath the kitchen sink..plumbing may get leaks, but my tabs will stay dry!!

2013-06-17 0252013-06-17 024


Rick built some great really really deep shelves, love this area, planning on relocating more of our stock here in the future.


Heart attack material tonight!!

How and where do you store your stock piles?

 In bags dumped on the floor in the BASEMENT???

In RUBBERMAID containers??

Sewer back up at my daughters home tonight in her basement!!

Nasty stuff all around her washer and dryer where I had just moved her wash this past week, into Rubbermaid containers, and her detergent stock onto the new set of shelving!!

The water moved in a strange  skinny path across the basement floor, to the opposite wall where her DIAPER STOCK PILE,  toilet paper and paper towels were lining the wall on the floor, all piled up high on top of each other, neatly by size!!!! The stock cardboard box with all her extra  baby supplies, Tylenol, baby wash, diaper creams, etc also was wet underneath, but dry inside!!

It missed some areas where the stacks of Glad Garbage bags cardboard boxes were stacked directly on the floor. If those were wet they would have been garbage material!! It also missed the toiletries and chemical cleaner stock that were already stored in large waterproof bins

Yes this is the daughter with brand new week old little baby Max..yikes!! Tushie needs to be covered by dry, clean diapers..lol!!
Called the plumber and while waiting we carefully moved all the diaper bags and boxes from on top of each other,  to another dry and clean area.. Then I very carefully opened from the top, cardboard diaper boxes one by one, that were directly on the floor, slowly  pulled out the sealed plastic wrapped bags and checked inside the bottom of each box. DRY!! PHEW!!

After remediation and cleaning we will now store things on blocks up off the floor, in more Rubbermaid containers and on shelving!!

In total we have lost one large pack of Royale toilet paper, and one pack of paper towels!! VERY VERY lucky!!!

LET IT BE A LESSON for ALL OF US, if you have your stock on the floor, in the basement,  garage or anywhere that might be affected by water, near a hot water tank, bathroom, etc……MAKE SURE IT IS IN WATERTIGHT CONTAINERS!!!

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