Tide with touch Downy $2.00 Clearance Airdrie

Tide with downey


Walmart Sale info HERE

use your coupons – a variety available.

ABCouponers is sharing some jaw dropping CLEARANCE prices found at Walmart.

Make a list of these to check in your stores. Use the online pricing    to show to your local stores if they are not the same.Not all stores will allow this kind of price matching. Give me a THUMBS up if these posts help you, Thank You.

ABCouponers is reminding you all again to keep checking laundry supplies departments in all stores. Not just Walmart. For weeks we have has some amazing sales. I can post all the individual sales here till the cows come home on the prairie Lol. Point I would like you all to remember is each store through Canada has different stock, sales and Clearances items. You all need to check carefully the stores you walk thru each and every time. Before you leave home search for your store Walmart online for laundry items lowest price.

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