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What is Checkout 51? Checkout 51 is a money back program that allows you to save even more $$ on the products you may buy during weekly grocery trips.

How does it work? Each week, Checkout51 offers a list of products they will be giving its members cashback on.  Each week Checkout51 offers different cashback amounts on different products.  You can check what offers are currently available for Checkout51 members here.  You purchase a product from their current offer list, you upload your receipt to the Checkout51 app by taking a picture with your Iphone, Ipad or Ipod, and accumulate savings in your online account if approved by Checkout51 (you will be emailed if your receipt was accepted).  Once you reach $20 in your account, you can request a cheque from them which will be mailed.

Who can use Checkout 51? Membership to Checkout 51 is only available to residents of Canada, excluding the province of Quebec.

How much does it cost to be a member of this program? It’s FREE!!

Alright – is this a gimmick Who is paying Checkout51 to pay ME? Checkout51 has made some amazing contacts with some major companies that want customers to use their products and continue to buy them.  They have partnered up with these companies who are paying Checkout51 to have them on the ‘offer list’.  Every week, they have made agreements with companies to have an offer of X amount of $$off a product to be given to the customer.  For example, Heinz or Coca Cola would have signed an agreement with Checkout51 to issue X amount of rebates to their customers (us) and once they reach that, they do not give out any more refunds.  Hence the limited availability on offers.  So Checkout51 is signing agreements with big companies to ensure we all are getting our cheques.

How can I get this app? Visit the Checkout51 website here – or search in the app store for Checkout51 from your iphone device.

IMPORTANT – You do not have to have access to a smart phone to be able to claim cash back rebates. You can use this on your computer or laptop.

Can I purchase multiple of the same product? Usually, a quantity of (1) of each offer is eligible for cashback per member.  So for example, if Checkout51 is offering $1 cashback on Heinz Ketch-up, you are only allowed to submit 1x per account for this cashback allowance. – There have been some exception recently  so check your info – you will see or receive alerts when able to double up or have more than one offer per item.

Can I use coupons in store for these products and than claim cashback too with Checkout51? Yes, you can use coupons in store to save on items, you still upload your receipts and you will still get the full amount of the cash back. Example. I purchased Huggies wipes @ $2.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart and used a manufacturer $0.75 coupon paying only $2.24.  Checkout51 also had a $3 rebate offer, so I paid $0 out of pocket and made 76 cents by purchasing Huggies wipes. You would see a $3 balance in your Checkout51 account. 

Do I have to circle the items on the receipt and then take a picture? No, you visit the app and check off the boxes of the offers you will be claiming, so you do not need to do anything to the receipt 

Can more than one person in the house have a Checkout51 account? Yes, multiple people in the same household can participate, as long as they are all members. Only one membership permitted per Smartphone. Each receipt can only be used once. (fyi – Checkout51 has a sophisticated software program that will read the entire receipt and will recognize if you try to share receipts with friends/family – so don’t bother trying this or you risk being removed from the program for scamming).

How long are offers valid for? Checkout 51 offers go live on Thursdays at 12 a.m. Eastern time. They expire the following Wednesday at 11:59 pm Eastern time. You must buy the products and submit the receipts before the new list of offers go live.  Sometimes an item might carry over, do not count on it.

If an offer goes live on Thursday morning and its no longer on their site as a current offer on Saturday, what does that mean? Please note that some offers have limited availability so ensure you check frequently and upload your receipts as soon as possible so you don’t miss a great rebate!

What sorts of offers do they have? The offers vary each week. Companies they have signed are amazing: Heinz, Kraft, Huggies, General Mills, Oasis …  the list goes on!

How do you know if your request for cash back was approved? You will receive an email confirming your cash back approval. 

So here’s the basic 411:
1) Checkout51 has a list of offers issued every week (offers are live Thursday – Wednesday).
2) You go to the store (any store) and buy any of the offers on the list (you do not nee to buy all of them).
3) You go home and take a CLEAR picture of the receipt and upload it to the iPhone Checkout51 app you have downloaded
4) You get an email confirmation if everything is good from Checkout51
5) You check your account to make sure the $$ has been placed into your account
6) Once you reach $20 you can request a cheque (using your online account).
Thank you to Coupon Christine for this great article!

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