Snap by Groupon $32.00 Cash Back Rebate = A car filled with Huggies again!


2015-01-14 005


It seems I am always shopping on a Wednesday. not by choice mind you, just ends up that way. 

This time I was hoping that the Snap by Groupon Huggies Rebate offers were still available by the time I returned home.

Grandson is in size 4 diapers and there is a new grand daughter expected end of April, great reason to stock up on some diapers again.

Superstore has a great Coupon Zone coupon $10.00 when you buy 2 Huggies Diapers or Wipes, has size restriction only on the larger boxes.


Superstore this week also had their Huggies on sale 2 boxes for $40.00 SHUDDER!!

I have not paid for diaper in the past years for my grand son, thanks to a mega stacking event a few years ago, and finding great sales combined with coupons.

The sale $40.00 for 2 boxes

minus the $ 10.00 when you got 2 boxes wipes or diapers,

SNAP by GROUPON info here - Cash back rebate of $4.00 when you got both wipes & diapers meant that it further reduced the boxes to a rather reasonable pricing.

Paid $13.00 a box of diapers

As I purchased a variety of sizes, 4 x 4, 2, 1 and newborn but I have not yet calculated the per diaper cost. 

My approx calculation was around 13c a diaper give or take depending on the size.

I splurged on 2 decorative  boxes and 2 travel wipes pouches.. this affect the per wipe pricing.

Honestly I am very happy with this price, so I do not care to become finicky over what the end per diaper or wipe was. Its far better than the price I paid at Christmas time when I realised there were no diapers in my house to fit my grand son here for for a few nights sleepover,  that was .40c for an overnight. diaper. ouch!! (had no coupons forgot about the printable)

BONUS GOODIES – 3 boxes of diapers have $10.00 in coupons – did not check them yet.

With my other shopping items, see separate log, I also qualified for $20.00 bonus item, was Soft Soap pack, but thankfully they had run out, lol!! (couponers do not need more free toiletries, have boxes of them still)

Got the family size Energizer pack of batteries, which was quite timely, as I needed a square battery for house smoke detector. Dont forget to check out all the info shared on our Facebook page and give us a much appreciated LIKE! Thanks. - this offer has been running since June 2014 – see the last time I filled my car with this time it was FREE plus overages!!

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