Savings – $1.00 at a Time – The 52 Week Savings Challenge & lots of Ideas to Find Your Savings!!

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Many ways to reach The 52 Weeks of Savings!!

No matter which way you start, going forwards or backwards.. you will end up with a very nice savings to put towards what ever it is that you set your goal for in one years time.

ABCouponers has set this goal for herself. It is one that I have been planning to do for a long while.. but like most goals in life, it needs to be set in writing , to make it a concrete one to visualize as it goes along.

For those of us on a limited budget there are a few ways to achieve this goal. Probably the top one is CREATIVITY!!

Wondering how on earth you will be able to set that much aside each week? I will not say it is simple.. as life can toss curve balls at a moments notice.

Make a plan.

Set the goal = GO!!

If you have a teenager. or interested family member? Challenge them to set this goal as well. You will be surprised when they see how easy it is to do this..

ABCouponers has a few creative ideas.. and lots of extras in her life that can be reduced. Our stock pile is very well stocked in many areas.. so now no more shopping for those items. But you say they were free.. yes, but there is taxes still for some stacking items.. and other costs involved in getting those free items.

Here are a few suggestions going forward to help us find those extras dollars…

1. Change in your wallet!! Do not use your loose change.. save it instead to add to the weeks savings.  If you have $3.00 change, mark off your week 3 contribution.

ABCouponers knew someone that would end up paying his property taxes with all the change he set aside from his pocket every year!! We are talking about Loonies and Toonies as well.

2. Bottle Recycling – get those deposits back. Instead of tossing recyclables away.. take them back and use it towards your weeks total.

3. Ask your neighbours that have no car, if  they have bottles that need to go back to the recycle depot.. Do it when you take yours and split the difference.

4. Outgrown toys and clothing. Take them to a Consigment store. Sell them on Kijji etc.

5. Hold a Garage Sale – in the spring or via online Kiji again is a good one for those.

7, Make a lunch to take to work instead of buying one, add that money to your savings jar.

8. Get up a few minuites earlier and make your coffee to take to work, instead of stopping at the local very costly coffee en route.. if you did this 3 out of 5 days.. think how much you would save!! We are talking about savings not deprivation.. enjoying your special Latte as a treat on those special days.

9. If you use your points at a store to pay for your groceries, come home and put the savings in your jar! eg Superstore cash in 20,000 PC points for $20.00 in free groceries.. put a $20 in the jar.

10. Start planning meals at home using your food stock pile!

11. Plan your dinner, know ahead of time what it will be so that you are not hungry, tired, instead of ordering take out  - Allow for your once a week splurge, be it desert, or pizza etc. Put the savings in your jar.

12.. Short of change one week, no worries, put what you can in your jar, mark off the corresponding amount from your list and you will catch up eventually another week.

There are many other ways to find a few extra dollars, it will take imagination, discipline, routine and REMINDERS to pull it off. Like all things,.. there will be slipups.. and if that happens.. well, just keep on going.. the end goal is the light at the end of the tunnel!! That Jar will keeps on getting heavier with savings!!

Really it is a matter of discipline.. and ABCouponers is the last one to be called the best in this department. So I might be suggesting all these but it is not a regular routine for me YET!! IT is really hard for me to do this kind of thing.

How to remember to do this?? Use tools such as cell phone calendar reminders. Do it with a friend and remind each other. Use an actual chart hung in a place you see it daily to remind you. Mark off each week you contribute to the savings jar, and how much. There will be some weeks short, some more..

ABCouponers will also be reminding us all here weekly.on SUNDAYS!!

. Did you add in your weekly contribution?? If I forget a reminder, of course all of you are welcome to remind me as well, lol!

Now were is a good place to hide that jar??


One thought on “Savings – $1.00 at a Time – The 52 Week Savings Challenge & lots of Ideas to Find Your Savings!!

  1. Marie-Anne Post author

    Thank You Dianne for the mention. There are so many ways to save, sometimes the obvious is the one we forget about.. the change in the pocket!


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