RECEIVE ALL UPDATES from Fan Page – MUST read if you want to see EVERYTHING we post!

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Wondering why you see some of our posts and not all?

Are you a FAN of ABCouponers on Facebook?   Have you LIKED our fan page? Its the BEST way to get a LIVE feed all day of what I post.


How to make sure you get ALL my posts.

Firstly, being an active FAN helps, – simply LIKING, adding a “thank youor a comment here and there helps, as well as sharing my posts on your personal wall, within groups you are active in, with their permission of course.  Facebook runs like an algorithm that recognizes what pages you visit and come back to and are active on.  The more activity you put onto our ABCouponer fan page, the more quickly you see our posts and don’t miss a thing when I post.

You may all want to do this if you want to stay on top of what I share on our ABCouponer Fan Page.

1) Visit fan page

2) Hover your curser over the LIKED button, don’t click it, just hover for a few seconds.

3) A pull down menu pops up

Facebook Settings


Make sure the following are ticked off -

Get Notifications

Show In News Feeds

2013-08-14 009

4) click SETTINGS


6. Go back and double check that the settings stayed updated to ALL UPDATES. (I did it for my own page updates & it changed back again without my noticing)

2013-08-14 008

ALSO – don’t forget about adding me to your INTEREST LIST and to organize your own interests to make searching Facebook easier.

Share this important info with your money saving friends that are fans of ABCouponer, and all our other All Stars  team members too!

You should be able to do this for ANY of your favourite Facebook pages  and groups you wish to receive updates from.

Thanks you to Coupon Christine for pointing this out to us.


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