Planning to get a Cat? Budget & Planning Info. Links to many Cat Products Offers.

Cat Gus Gus


The below does not include emergency medical care, initial vaccinations and rabbies vaccine.  This also does not include the cost of your time needed for walking, playing and caring for your cat.

For a spayed female, 12-pound, domestic long haired cat:

Minimum Cost Per Year (Approximate)

Food and Treats

4 cans of cat food (396g) per month @ $2.00 a can $96.00
4lb bag of dry food per month @ $20.00 each $240.00
3oz bag of cat treats per month @ $5.00 each $60.00

Veterinary Care

Yearly visit – exam and vaccinations $100.00
Nail trimming every 2 months @ $15.00 a trim $90.00

Litter and Supplies

20lb bag of cat litter per month @ 10.00 a bag $120.00
1 tube of anti-furball medication $10.00


City Of Calgary license fee per year $10.00


2 weeks cat care @ 15.00 per day $210.00







One Time Costs

Metal food and water dishes $15.00
Collar, leash and harnesses $35.00
Brush $15.00
Litter pan and scoop $13.00
Scratching post $45.00
Cat Carrier $45.00
Toys $30.00
Cat bed $20.00








Is it worth it? YOU BET IT IS!

Thank You to the Calgary Humane Society for those chart and info – Link HERE

None of the above cost info takes into account that as couponers we are able to find products to reduce how much we spend, Or,  are able to find other ways to help reduce those costs such as using overages, points and even bartering for services!!

Below is a list of some of companies that have offers. Some of these may no longer be available. ABCouponers keep the info in case they offer coupons, contests and other promotions again. - no coupon as of January 4th 2014


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