30 Photo essay of a Successful Stacking Trip May 2013


Save on Foods


FREE FREE FREE….dont you love that word!!!

2 shopping trips on the Victoria Day long  weekend at Red Deer Save on Foods Stores.


but one where we got great value for the dollars that we ended up paying!!!

Did not clear any shelves..did not advance order this time either.

Did not get everything that I planned to shop either.

Stacking trips are always dependent on stock situation if only planning on getting under 5 of one item and not ordering in advance.

If planning to get more that 5 of one item, flavour, size, always call ahead to pre order with the store…


Coupon Binder Bag

2013-05-20 001


Note coupons paper clipped together with my notes, value and info for me to share with the cashier. I like to remain in control of my coupons, and do not just hand them off to the cashiers in a pile..prefer to take them and pass the item, then the coupon to explain as we go along.

stacking notes

STACKING is a TEAMWORK effort…making it as easy for the cashier as possible. They know their merchandise, stores etc, I know what I have put together in a stack..so its easier to remove the paperclip, then pass the coupons to them.

This is especially in a MULTI ITEM STACK – I am known to do up to 12 items in one stack..and last year had a 16 item stack valueed at $63.00 very complexed and takes time to set it up!!


2013-05-20 002 2013-05-20 003 2013-05-20 004

we always shop with 2 carts, Rick with the one that holds the shopping items, me with my binder cart, or is that cart filled with binders…that I tend to like lots of space to shuffle around if I need a coupon on the spot, or, need to re arrange a stack when I see a good price..or any price, for  that matter..seeing that we live in Calgary and do not have a SOF to run into check their unmarked specials. The blue binder in the front is my actual stacking binder.


2013-05-20 005 2013-05-20 006





2013-05-20 008 2013-05-20 010


This was our first 2013 SAVE ON FOODS stacking trip.  

We only planned to do a small amount of stacks, to re discover both Red Deer stores we had been doing our weekly Calgary Coupon Stacking group shopping trips for last year…

big EXTREAME COUPONING OVER $1,000 trips are stressful and very time consuming.

Being responsible for another persons coupons, never mind the usual 20 plus members we shopped for on a regular basis LAST YEAR, and making sure that they get their FREEBIES first, is not always easy, often we were racing against expiry deadlines, stock pre order delays and stores closing times…often we would end up not doing all of our shopping..

I am also thrilled to know that last year, our Calgary Stacking group weekly trade drop in events, held at my home, were an integral part of teaching for FREE, many members how to stack at SOF.. now many have the knowledge and are able to go off and do their own stacking trips with their friends. My task was to help others figure it all out!!

The RED DEER couponers and groups were also very much a part in helping all of us from Calgary and area, when we need info.


2013-05-20 012



Boursin 4.00 é 3.00 stacks

Flame savers 4 x  $8.00 plus $3.00 wub 2 boxes stacks –  priced at $9.99


sometime there are things you buy JUST BECAUSE!!!

The EAST store has the most amazing TRIFLE!! See centre photo. always got one as a treat when we would finally get back home last year, our in the middle of the night snack.

2013-05-20 013


Puffs $5.99, Bounty $5.99 and Charmin 8.99  Brandsaver inserts and P and G mailouts, plus other coupons = approx $18 stack for 3 items..there are many other coupons around, I just wanted to get this over with now..

2013-05-20 014



VAN HOUTTE COFFEE $8.99 MOST FREE used $10.00 stacks – cashier did ask me to remove some of the last $2.00 overage coupons. I did not mind as she had allowed some overages on other coupons elsewhere.

2013-05-20 015

2013-05-20 016


All dental items were FREE. $10.00 stacks and afterwards the second trip I realised that I forgot to flip the binder page to get the toothbrushes as well…must have coupons on one page..or make a note.. all these stacks were made in the store…

2013-05-20 018


OLD SPICE FREE . Hidden valley 50c ??

2013-05-22 017



2013-05-22 018

FREEBIE item = Brandsaver mail out coupons because we got purchased P and G product.


2013-05-22 019


GREENWORKS – ALL most all FREE – ALL SPRAYS FREE used tearpad, insert and printable,  new inserts for SMART spray bottles.

2013-05-22 005





2013-05-22 006


all FEBREEZE, SWIFFLER, Gain, Downy, and TIDE purchased shown here. I could have done many more of these stacks,  but  we RAN OUT OF TIME!!

LESSON TO LEARN< do not shop too late in the evening, we were asked to go to cash soon after 9 pm…and it was busy in the store later on as well.

We certainly did not mind waiting while our cashier, who was also the supervisor on the floor for night closing shift, left us a few times to go and help other cashiers, and at the customer service desk.

2013-05-22 011


The car air freshener was a freebie WUB THE SPRAY. We had 2 of these coupons.

2013-05-22 012

6 item stack.  1 x large Gain, 2 x Candles 2/10.00, 1 x Swifler refill,  ! x Spray, 1 x Car double freshner – note  febreeze single car freashner was freebie. the stack value was hier so we were able to put most of the extra funds towards the $11. + GAIN.

SEE NOTES $35.50 PRICE USED A $34.50 STACK FOR 6 ITEMS!!! plus a $4.00 FREEBIE on top of that – WHOOT!!!!

notes stacking

2013-05-22 013


2 more 6 item stacks here. inside that was also 3 item Swifler started duster kit stack,

Cash Register


A not so to the dollar description shop 1 :

Savings $272.56 according to SOF

Subtotal was $302

tax $13.09

we paid $75.57 for this total first transaction.

minus  $35.94 items purchased without coupons our dinner at the motel.

total of 50 items purchased using coupons stacks.

average cost per item worked to .79c each!!

Actually the higher cost was because the Swiffler refill, Charmin, Puffs, Bounty were higher than stack value,

Pantene we paid $5.00 for 2 as we wanted to try this new line. I never pay for shampoo, or conditioner at all now!! Always stack at London Drugs for free..have a years supply for my family always.

BONUS – we received a $25.00 gift card becasue we purchased over $175.00 value

CHECKOUT 51 $2.25 rebate

FREE SOFTNER because we got Downy see top first photo.


Were not allowed to photograph the second transaction.

2013-05-25 004 2013-05-25 005


Second trip I had not divided and figured it all out..its a pain..lol!!!

Savings Total  $588

Subtotal $549.36

Tax 19,52

Paid $79.12

$19.00 non coupon items

94 items!!

average price .63c

price higher because the chunk of Armstrong was 5.00 extra and most items had bits over.


we did not score big on the points aspect this shopping trip… bu the $25.00 gift card more than made up for that.


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