Pc Rewards Personal Offers – What did you Get this Week? January 9 2015

PC Plus

Have you loaded up your points this week before heading out the door?

Will you be planning your shopping around your points offers?


The more you purchase certain items for your household, the more chance that you will receive a Personalised offer for Points for that item.

For example – Last Week I ran in for a quick drink purchase – 2 cans of Arizona Tea.

This week I have received a points offer for, yes you guessed it, 150 points for Arizona Tea.!!

Arizona Iced Tea 340 – 695 mL

Arizona Iced Tea

friskies pc ewards



1,200 Points = $1.20 wub ever $3.00 of Friskies = 5 cans at 60c each – brings Cat food tin down to 38c each!! 

Our Wonderful Money reward – Need to feed our resident cat – buy his food  FRISKIES


Offer expires after one use and cannot be used on subsequent transactions.

Product availability may vary by store. We reserve the right to limit quantities. We are not obligated to award points based on errors or misprints. Points apply to items sold as individual units, and are not awarded per unit when the unit is part of a case pack or variety pack.


Also received the following produce offers – These I will use to purchase just the minimum required as I keep getting offered them every week. 2 consumers do not consume enough to go and purchase multiples of them.

Strawberries 300 points

Cucumbers 400 points

Bananas 200 points

Baby Heinz Cereal 600 points

I also was offered some jumbo Kellogs club size cereal, Kraft mega Peanut butter etc. I never buy in that size..lol!! So who knows why they were offered to me!!




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