NEW P & G Brandsaver Insert Coming Soon in your Local Papers & Flyers!!




Promoting TIDE Simple Clean and Fresh detergent – got to make sure to read all the wording carefully.. new products.

brandsaver nov 2014 4


brandsaver nov 2014 5

brandsaver nov 2014 6


DIAPER COUPONS ARE BACK – not as many as before but these will do, thanks Pampers!!

brandsaver nov 2014 7



brandsaver nov 2014 3

brandsaver nov 2014 2

brandsaver nov 2014 1


Cropped coupons to remove UPC info easily.. There are only a small part of the actual insert.. more info to be added later on.. 

Yeah!! For those that missed being able to spend hours cutting up inserts, it is Back!! Proctor and Gamble BRANDSAVER insert will be showing up in your local papers and flyer bundles, and for those brave enough to do this now in Winter, your local Recycle dumpster bins!!

$107 value in coupons

Some great coupons again to see!!.


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