LONDON DRUGS STACKING FREEBIE ALERT – Who wants free laundry detergent? Sept 6 – 11th

ARm and Hammer
NOTE THE IMAGE USED IN THIS BLOG HAS THE INCORRECT INFO – THERE IS AN INSTORE LONDON DRUGS COUPON OF .50C THAT REDUCES THE PRICE TO $2.99 Do not expect the cashier to ring in your $3.00  stack and use the instore coupon. Some stores will still do this, do not expect it.
Depends what you prefer, my suggestion is take your Rexall flyer sale is $2.99 this weekend only, Price match and use your coupon stack = get one bottle FREE or for what ever the value of your stack is.
ARM & Hammer this week at London Drugs $2.99 with instore coupon or $3.49c . Use your coupon stacks without the instore coupon.
 $1.00 ~ 65334246 Sept 30, 2013 insert Smart Source.
$1.00 – 65334286 Oct 31 2013 insert coupon
 $1.00 ~  Smart Source limited 2 printable per computer = $3.00 = FREE!!
Have heard that there might also be other insert coupons valid for Arm and Hammer, have not seen them yet.
 Most couponers will only have the last 2 upcs. Paying .99c for laundry detergent is still a great stock up price!!
Note that it is the limited printable, once you print off 2 copies on one computer it will not be visible to you any more. If you have access to another computer you can print 2 more off. etc. I cannot see it on this laptop anymore.


One thought on “LONDON DRUGS STACKING FREEBIE ALERT – Who wants free laundry detergent? Sept 6 – 11th

  1. Ann Thibault

    Sorry, I do not see it on my coupons…..perhaps it is deleted already as I MAY have used it…..What page do you see it on?????
    Thank you for this…Rexall has it too, but it is a bit out of my way…..have two LD’s within 3 miles WAHOO!!!!


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