HOT TIP – How to prove your coupon Is a valid Printable Coupon in a Store when Challenged.




You have printable coupons and into the store you go, expecting to be able to use them.

Cashier questions the validity of your coupons and says they are not valid of copies.

Supervisor and or manager says you cannot use the coupons as they think it is either photocopied and / or, not a valid coupon..

Have a Smart phone or cell?

BOOKMARK the actual coupon web site link on your phone.

Take a screen shot if needed as proof for a one time print coupon.

Show the cashier and supervisor where the coupons originates from.

Many times a coupon  is emailed to you as a link to print off. Often these are links that you are not limited to one print only.

When we share blogs with printable coupons, they are links direct from a Facebook page, Company Web site etc. IT is visible and easy to prove to a manager so they can see its a genuine coupon.

This is one of the most important reason why we recommend you do the actual steps a company asks you to do, to have them email directly to you, your own printable coupon link. - our many printable coupon links are all to be found in this long list of coupons. If you come accross any links that are no longer working, please comment in that coupon blog page, so that I can go and fix it, thanks.

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