Glad we have GLAD Garbage Bags STACKS or how to get $143.34c for FREE!!



Photo of the GLAD part of our FREE stacking shopping trip this long weekend in Red Deer!



glad Garbage bags

glad Garbage bags


15 boxes of FREE GLAD Garbage BAGS!!

Note no clearing of shelves needs to take place!!

on SALE at Save on Foods this week for $5.99 each

Most GLAD coupons are only expiring in August 31st 2013 so still lots of time to stack at your leisure, without clearing any shelves at all!!

It is all about going slow and steady!!!




2 thoughts on “Glad we have GLAD Garbage Bags STACKS or how to get $143.34c for FREE!!

  1. Kassy

    Hey there,

    Im just curious where you got the $3 off coupon?? and thank you so much for posting this! Im brand new to this and just getting started and its so amazing to see someone and how they did it in Alberta!! Im in Edmonton and live right beside a save on.

    Any tips are greatly appreciated… Ive bookmarked all the sites on here just wondering where else to get coupons! We do not get newspapers in our condo unfortunately… :(

    • Marie-Anne Post author

      just sen your question now Kassy. The 3.00 glad coupons was from the previous Brandsaver insert now expired on MAy 31st. There is now a new insert coupon out to replace it. Word of advise, print off that glad printable it might be removed soon


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