Gas Prices? If only we could predict them!!



Drive to the gas station, and get a wallet shocker to discover that the price has gone up!!

Have your neightbour then tell you afterwards that they filled up with the cheapest gas price in Town.


Now if you have a small sub compact car like mine, perhaps its not so noticeable,

well I do notice it when its up over $5.00 more to fill…bah!!


if you have a big huge gas guzzler that slurps at the pump forever,and your freeze to death while waiting in winter for it to finish..

well…a tank that take at least $150.00 to fill….yup, thats gonna make a huge difference indeed!

So figuring out before hand where to tank up is a great idea..and a change saver for the coffee afterwards.

Might even be able to afford a sandwich to go with that coffee as well!

There are numerous way to check what the gas pump prices are.

Just took a look while getting the link, and was shocked to see that this time its a SAFEWAY pump that’s the cheapest in Calgary..

that’s not usual!!

Of course there is an APP HERE for this as well..for on the road..its great.

We use it when driving to the coast to try to avoid the pumps that are killer expensive on the road.



They even hava a contest - Prize give away info here


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