FREEBIE ALERT – Spring Time Planning Seed Catalogue

Versey Seeds


Since 1939, Vesey’s Catalogues have brought the promise of spring to the gardeners of North America. Your FREE subscription to the Vesey’s family of catalogues will guarantee you a pre-season preview of all the best and brightest selections for the upcoming season.

Beginning in December, you’ll receive the Veseys Seed catalogue featuring over 700 varieties of vegetable and flower seed. Our flagship publication also offers a wide choice of container plants, fruits and berries.

In January, our Spring Planting catalogue will be delivered to your door to fill your dreams with magnificent Glads, prolific Begonias and other garden choices from our exciting spring selections.

When the tulips start blooming in May, Veseys Fall Planting Bulb & Perennial catalogue is quick to follow. You’ll be dazzled by the photography of the new and exciting varieties contained in this book which now features Canada’s most extensive collection of fall planting treasures.

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