Coupon Trading 101- Tip No 2 – Expiry Date and UPC

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To make a trade process go faster add the following info into your trade lists.

1. UPC of the coupons offering or wanted. – last 4 numbers are sufficient.

2. Expiry Date of the coupons offered or wanted.

3. To save time, write this info on the front of your coupon before photographing it, then it is clearly visible.

4. Before photographing the coupon, partially cover the UPC, if it is visible so that it cannot be photocopied.

We have so many different coupons for the same products. Some look exactly the same. If you post a list, or photo of a coupon, and do not include UPC number and expiry date, often a trader will be first messaging you to ask for it, before they can make their trade decision.

In an effort to save time for everyone, add this important information that is needed for STACKING.

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