Check that folded up bit of paper in your box!! = COUPONS!!



You know,

after wrestling the box open,

lined up the magic arrows,

fiddling with the plastic seal,

then there is the metal foil seal.

removing the cotton wool ball in your way


Access to the pain relief in sight..

the magic thing you have been trying to get to..

so Toss the box goes into  recycle bin!!


Did you check that folded up bit of paper??

Sure the one that you don’t need to read as you have taken this product before,

and already know all the blah blah written on it!!

Found in a box of Tylenol.

GREAT STACKABLE AT London Drugs and Save on Foods

Want more Tylenol coupons to stack with it?

Check out HERE


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Some of these coupons have longer expiry dates but are removed off the site before they expire.

So we also recommend printing them off when you can to keep ready in your binder.


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